Not all companies offer Medigap Plan N in all areas. Since we represent all of the major Medigap N providers in the country we will find you the best Medigap plan N available in your area.


Get the Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan:


Many individuals will purchased Medicare Supplemental insurance Plan N - A.K.A. Medigap Plan “N” or other plans, to fill in the gaps in traditional Medicare Coverage. If you have Medigap coverage and the Medigap plan premium seems just a bit to high then you might want to consider Medicare Supplement Plan “N” over a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan or othe Medigap Plans.


With Medicare Supplement Insurance you will retain the freedom that a Medigap plans allow when compared to MA plans. Like: Greater freedom to see doctors, the hospitals of your choice, specialists, and other healthcare providers. By their nature MA plans limit freedom to control cost; and charge you more when you need them most. So shake the shackles of MA plans and look at all the providers offering medigap plans in your area. Note: not all medigap providers offer Medigap plan N.


First, you need to sign up for Medicare Coverage Part A and Part B. Medicare supplemental Insurance may be purchased at any time, although you have a guaranteed acceptance period that last for 6 months after your enrollment in Medicare part “B”. For information on “Open Enrollment”, “Guaranteed Issue”, and other Special Election periods (There are about 35 for Medicare Advantage Plans) Request a Medicare Insurance Consultation or info on Medicare plans and agent will guide you through the process.


Not all Medicare Supplement insurance companies offer plan N and no insurer is required to offer any plan other than plan “A” in areas where they plan to offer Medicare supplemental insurance. It is best to speak to one of our trained Medicare insurance advisors who will help you sort through the Medicare supplement insurance companies offering each plan in your area.


Medicare Supplement Insurance is offered by a number of well known Medicare Insurance providers as well as the not so well known. Blue Cross and Blue Shield offer Medigap Coverage in most areas as well as AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance. The key; regardless whether it’s Blue Cross, Blue Shield, AARP or some other provider: All similar lettered Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are identical. Medicare Supplement Plan J, Medicare Supplement Plan F, or Medicare Supplement Plan C from Blue Cross, AARP, American Continental , Genworth Medicare Supplement, Gerber Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Mutual of Omaha, United of Omaha, or any other provider they all cover the same Medicare insurance benefits. There is no difference from one provider to another.


What makes one plan more costly than another is driven by several factors including utilization rates (more sick people), overhead, and other admin costs. So plans with less stringent underwriting like AARP and many Blue Cross companies may get more people with higher utilization causing higher premiums for everyone. The key for healthy people or those turning 65 who are in the Medicare supplements “Open Enrollment” period is to find the plan with the lowest premium. Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans are competitive but there may be others in your area that are less expensive. Gerber Life Medicare Supplement has recently introduced Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans in 32 states. It doesn’t’ really matter if you buy Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement, AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gerber, or any other, the Senior Advisors Group represents them all.


The real benefit: Between your Medicare Benefits, and Medicare Supplement Insurance you will not be confined to an HMO network, no referrals, and no co-pays. (Depending on plan) The first step is to review our site and the Senior Advisors site then request a Medicare Supplement Quote. If you are still confused please request a quote and we will provide a free Medicare consultation.

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