Is Medicare Supplement - Medigap Plan N - the best value for you?


Medicare Supplement Plan N - Highlights


Key benefits offered by Plan N


  • Only 70% of the cost of Plan F

  • No network restriction like Medicare Advantage Plans (HMO’s) — see any doctor anywhere, anytime that accepts Medicare.

  • Copays for doctor visits only — no hospital, diagnostic or other copays like Medicare Advantage after small deductible ($147.00 for the year in 2015)

  • Doctor co-pays apply after the deductible is paid

Since June 2010, Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) has included two new choices for Medicare beneficiaries — Medicare Supplement Plan N aka Medigap Plan N and Medicare Supplement M


5 years later and Medicare Supplement Plan N is one of the 3 most popular choices preferred by consumers. As a result, most Medicare Supplement (Medigap) providers are now offering the Medicare Supplement plan “N”, and most do not offer the Supplement plan “M”, which has not been as well received by consumers.


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