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Important New choices for Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans!

Medicare Supplement Plan N & Medicare Supplement Plan M

As of June 1st, 2010 Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) has included two new choices for Medicare beneficiaries - Medicare Supplement Plan N and Medicare Supplement Plan M.

Two and one-half years later and the jury is in… Medicare Supplement Plan "N" is one of the 3 most popular choices preferred by consumers. Medicare Supplement Plan "M" no so much. As a result most Medicare Supplement (Medigap) providers are now offering the Medicare Supplement plan "N", and most do not offer the Supplement plan "M"

Medicare Supplement Plan N - Plan Design

Medicare Supplement Plan N differs in a few distinct ways - 1st it has similar benefits to Plan G, except there is a $20 co-payment for doctor visits and a $50 co-payment for emergency room visits. Both plan "N" and Plan "G" require the individual to pay the Part B $147 annual deductible, then in plan "N" only the co-pays will apply after the deductible is paid. Also, unique to plan "N", is that it does not cover the "Excess Charges" that are allowed under Medicare rules. These would need to be paid by the insured individual. Plan "F" and "G" cover these charges.

The good news is the cost of Medicare Supplement Plan "N" is about 70% of the cost of Plan F. The other good news is that Plan "N" is a very attractive alternative to Medicare Advantage plans for those looking to reduce premiums without limiting access to doctors and hospitals.

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Medicare Advice you can Trust


Since most insurance companies offer several plans it is important to shop around for the best price for any Medicare Supplemental insurance plan. And most insurance agents represent only a few companies. The Senior Advisors Group – a national organization – represents all of the top Medicare Insurance brands. Including, approximately 40 different Insurance companies, over 1,000 insurance plan choices, in 38 states – more than any other Medicare advisory group. The advantage to consumers is objective advice in just one call. Talk directly to one of their highly qualified and trained Medicare Insurance Advisor. Get unbiased, objective advice and help that’s based on the Medicare Insurance plan that’s best suited for your needs, not the best for the agent or the insurance company.


More than a health insurance broker the Senior Advisors Group specializes in Medicare Insurance. Not just health insurance or other unrelated products. As specialist in Medicare Insurance they will be able to explain all of your options in a language that you can understand.


Why deal with and insurance agent or directly with a company that can only suggest their companies plans? Find one that will help you find “Your Plan”. – and the premiums are exactly the same.


For plan information in your area go to …Medicare Supplement Plan N Quotes. An internal consultant from the Senior Advisors Group will provide information on available plans, and answer questions about the best options and lowest premiums available in your area. (No salesman will visit your home.)


The Senior Advisors Group can also assist in Part D and Dental Insurance for Seniors.


You may use this tool to find a Medicare Supplement Plans N Quotes in your area.

What does Medicare Cost?

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Medicare 2014 Part B Premiums for most people $104.90. The Deductibles for Part A and Part B....

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Medicare Plan N and M

You must have Medicare Part A and Part B.

Medicare Part A,B,C,and D

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Most people don't pay a Part A premium because they paid Medicare taxes while working.